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I am just a Computer Nerd

Tell me a cool thing about computers and I am your friend. Remember this.

Lock me in a room with a laptop and unlimited internet , I am happy.

I am one of those guys . This blog is how I interact with rest of the world , outside that room .

So who is Jatin Malik?

I don't usually identify myself with my job (because I don't have any !). I maybe a Blogger in morning , Coder at day , a CyberSec Guy at evening and Philosopher at night. I started this blog because I wanted to share everything I have learned so far with you guys. And for some money (just kidding!)

I spend most of my free time doing Capture The Flags , reading Offsec blogs , Trying to break stuff (my own machines , I'm not dumb!) , learning things that seem cool and have no real life application for me (can't help , told ya I'm a Nerd) and weird stuff that I can't tell ya . Point is , this blog will document all of that , so if you are CURIOUS , READ IT. If you are not curious , Well first of all , shame on you and hey, STILL READ IT.

Ofcourse , this is not me just talking to myself , you can totally reach me through gmail, if you have any queries or if you just wanna become a friend.

As always , See ya!

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